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Improving our contact tracing

We are changing our approach to contact tracing to help try to keep more students in school for longer!

Dear Parent/carer,

In the event that staffing levels recover this week, the last thing we want is for a year group “bubble” to “burst” and result in a year group being sent home to isolate for 14 days.  Consequently, we have been working with Public Health at Stockport LA on a process that will hopefully see us able to tackle this situation a little better.

Here is what will happen in the future in the event of a positive case amongst students (which is inevitable):

1.  The year group will be sent home for ONE DAY whilst we conduct contact tracing

2. The positive test case will be asked to complete this form that day to assist us in making sure that our contact tracing is as accurate as it can be

3. We will contact families individually to let them know that their child is affected and must now isolate for 14 days

4. The rest of the year group will be contacted to let them know that they can return to school safely as soon as possible


We need your cooperation with this process to make this work well.  There is still the chance that Public Health will, if we have multiple cases in a year group, ask us to take further action but we hope that this will help us to keep education as uninterrupted as possible during these extremely challenging times.  

Finally, let me say this.  We want to be open - we want to educate your children - we want to do our jobs.  We are only sending students home when we absolutely have to - and we know the pressure this places on you and yours and we do this with regret.

I sincerely hope to be able to welcome more students back later this week.  Please give them my best wishes - and take all precautions possible to stay healthy and safe yourselves.  

Yours in Christ

Dan Wright