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Coronavirus update: Year 9 to remain home for one day on Monday, 16th November

Year 9 to self-isolate for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Dear parent/carer,

A late update for Friday afternoon.  There have been two positive cases of coronavirus and actions are required.

Year 7

The first is in year 7 - contact tracing has been conducted and around 28 students identified as contacts before leaving site today.  They will arrive home with a letter with details outlined as to when they can return to school as usual.  There may be additional year 7s to contact on the weekend, but if so, it will not be many.  If your child has not come home with a letter and is in year 7, they do not need to self-isolate and we will see them as usual on Monday!

Year 9

The second is in year 9 and has only just been reported.  As it is so late, year 9 will need to remain at home on Monday whilst contact tracing is conducted.  This is because we cannot get through the contact tracing with so little time left in the school day as it has to be conducted amongst all staff and students.  We recommend that year 9 self-isolate for this weekend as well as Monday.

The situation is increasingly challenging across schools not just in Stockport, but across Greater Manchester.  We continue to follow the guidance from Public Health.  

I will contact you on Monday with the outcome of contact tracing in year 9.  

Yours in Christ

Dan Wright