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Whole School Curriculum Intent

Our aim at St Anne's is to ensure that every child, regardless of ability and background is able to achieve and succeed through the curriculum that is on offer to them. We aim to provide a knowledge-rich curriculum which ensures that pupils are gaining access to 'the best that has been thought and said' in each subject area. 

The SAC:RED Curriculum

For each term and each year group (years 7-9) the curriculum is constructed around a ‘SACRED strand’. Each of these strands promotes an elements of the Catholic Faith and Values. This allows students to view their curriculum through the lens of each of these strands where ever it is applicable.

The Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Every subject that our pupils are taught requires them to think about ideas and concepts; to discuss and write about these ideas and concepts; to read and comprehend texts and to solve problems. None of these activities are possible without knowledge. We can’t think and talk about something that we have limited knowledge on; we can’t read a text and comprehend it, or infer meaning from it if we don’t have the vocabulary and key ideas to understand what is being said and we can’t solve problems without the declarative and procedural knowledge of the subject area of the problem in question.  For this reason, we aim to deliver a curriculum which is knowledge rich and aims to ensure this knowledge is being retained for the long term.

For further information on specific subject areas please follow the relevant curriculum area links. 
For further information regarding the curriculum at St Anne’s R.C Voluntary Academy, please contact Ms N. Baig, Assistant Headteacher.