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Pastoral Care

‘Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.’

(Thessalonians 5:11) 


Educating the Whole Child 

Young people thrive when they are happy. Looking after the students’ wellbeing therefore is the most important thing that the Pastoral Team do. For this reason, our aim at St Anne’s is to ensure our students feel safe, valued and fulfilled. They do this by supporting them in all academic and pastoral matters. We believe in educating the whole child. Of course, the needs of any individual have to be balanced against the needs of others and so it is the job of the Pastoral Team to help the students to understand the responsibilities they have not just to themselves but also to their school community and beyond. 

Pastoral Structure 

Each student joins a form from their year group and their form teacher becomes the first point of contact for any concerns they may have. The form tutor works alongside a dedicated Pastoral Manager for the Year Group who when necessary can offer more targeted support through in house interventions or referrals to external agencies such as CAMHS or Stockport MBC support services. The in-house intervention services we have been able to offer at St Anne’s have included: 

· One-to-One Mentoring 

· Small Group Mentoring 

· Peer Mentoring 

· Breakfast Club 

· Mindfulness Classes 

· Mental Toughness Classes 

· Anger Management Sessions 

· Anxiety Awareness Sessions 

Each Year Group and Pastoral Manager is led by a Head of Year who sets the tone and priorities for the Year Group. The Head of Year aims to ensure that each student has high expectations for themselves and contributes in a positive way to their school community. The Head of Year will challenge and hold to account any student who is not being the best version of themselves. 

The Heads of Year work alongside the Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour and Welfare, who keeps an overview of all year groups. The Assistant Headteacher also works with the Senior Pastoral Manager to ensure consistency and challenge is applied to the Pastoral Team to ensure the very highest of standards of everyone.