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Covid 19 and Remote Learning

**If your child has tested positive for Covid 19, please report it to the school by completing

this form**

Since September 2020, St Anne's have been working in line with The Remote Learning Continuity Direction and continuing updates and guidance from the Department for Education. As guidance has changed, we have re evaluated our Remote Learning Strategy so as students can access appropriate work. All of our work for Remote Learning is communicated via Microsoft Teams and students should use their school email for Office 365 to sign in. This may be supported by other platforms, for example GCSE Pod or other online links.

Students will have an Office 365 username that starts with the year they started at St Anne's and then has their initial followed by their surname. For example, if John Smith was in year 8 and started in Sept 2019, his username would be The password is the one they have set in school. If your child has difficulty logging into Microsoft Teams we have created 2 'how to’ videos (see links below and also available on the school website) or students can email

A video guide to logging into Teams from your phone


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A video guide to logging into Teams from your PC


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For guidance on accessing pre-recorded lessons and installing Microsoft Office, please see this document.

Remote Learning Strategy 2021

Whilst in full National Lockdown, Remote Lessons are delivered via Microsoft Teams and will either be a live lesson, a pre-recorded lessons or work set in the class or Year group Team. When not in a full National Lockdown, St Anne's acknowledges that at any given time a student or group of students may be having to self-isolate at home for a period of time. During these individual and small group isolations, teachers will continue to deliver lessons to those students in school but will upload 'Work for isolating Students' to the year group Team each week. This work will reflect the content being delivered in lessons so as students who are self-isolating aren't missing out on key knowledge.

Isolating students should additionally access Independent Remote Learning based on Knowledge Organisers, GCSE Pod and Independent Learning Strategies at any time – see guidance PDF here.

In the event of a whole year group being sent home to self-isolate, we will move to a full timetable of live lessons delivered in the class Teams.

Accessing live lessons

Students will access live lessons using their Microsoft Teams account. If there are any technical difficulties with this, please contact Lessons can be accessed from a desktop PC/Mac/tablet or mobile device, however having a larger screen would be beneficial.

Live Lesson expectations

The school/teachers will:

  • audit student access to Remote Learning and provide support where available
  • record the names of students who attend each lesson and engage with tasks and chase up non attendance/ engagement.
  • use their school Teams account and school email to login 
  • ensure their camera is disabled so as only their screen and voice are shared
  • reinforce expectations of behaviour that they would in the physical classroom, in line with the school’s behaviour policy 
  • record all live lessons and then upload them to the ‘Team’ for students to access after the lesson

Students will:

  • be punctual and make sure that they have books /equipment ready for the lesson
  • find an appropriate place to base themselves for the lesson without lots of personal distractions
  • make sure that their device is charged and sign in using their St Anne’s 365 email account
  • communicate politely and thoughtfully, treating others with respect and patience, just as you would in the classroom
  • wait for their turn to share ideas
  • follow the instructions given by the member of staff throughout the live online lesson and ask for help if they need it
  • not use the share function
  • not record, take photographs or screenshots of the live online lesson or the lesson content
  • be responsible for their behaviour and actions whilst using Microsoft Teams
  • immediately report anything they come across that upsets them whilst working online
  • contact their teacher via Teams or email if they need further support or clarity on the lesson content
  • ensure their microphone and camera are off during the live lesson. Microphones should only be unmuted if asked specifically by the teacher
  • use the ‘raise your hand’ function in teams and the team chat function to communicate with the teacher – sensible comments and questions only
  • be aware that all content on Teams ‘chats’ is recorded and monitored
  • understand that all live lessons are recorded
  • submit work as requested

Parents/carers will:

  • support their child to access live lessons and inform the school if they have any barriers such as no internet/ device that will prevent this.
  • download the Microsoft Teams App and endeavour to familiarise themselves and their child with how it works
  • ensure that equipment needed is charged prior to the live online lesson and support their child in finding a suitable space to work in that is conducive to learning
  • support the school’s behaviour policy, and respect decisions made to remove their child from a live online lesson if this occurs
  • appreciate that this removal could result in the live lessons offer being revoked

 Knowledge Organisers

Further support


Managing Mental Health and Well-being

Support for Managing your Mental Health during 'lockdown'

Additional Online Learning 

All students at St Anne’s will be accessing pre-recorded lessons and live lessons as part of their remote education. In addition, subjects will be setting some work using online learning platforms or via written instructions/ PowerPoints/tasks.

Whilst there should always be sufficient work being set following the 'usual' timetable, there is also the following online learning platforms which provide excellent materials for a plethora of subject areas. 

Online Learning Platform

Key Stage


Oak National Academy

KS3 and KS4


Here you will find video lessons and resources for a range of subjects

BBC/ Iplayer

KS3 and KS4

 BBC Two will cater for secondary students with programming to support the GCSE curriculum, including adaptations of Shakespeare plays alongside science, history and factual titles.

Seneca Learning

KS3 and KS4


Here you will find a range of subjects and topics including assignments to check your understanding once you have completed a task



Students use their usual log in details to access this. See Quick Start Guide below

BBC Bitesize

KS3 and KS4


GCSE Pod: Student Quick Start Guide